MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection Lipstick: Charmed I’m Sure

5 Oct

So normally I would be posting a new youtube video on a Friday, but unfortunately I have quite the head cold (ah they joys of working with children) and I assume that nobody wants to hear me sniffling, coughing, and sneezing. So in lieu of a video, I have what I would consider to be the next best thing. I am certain that you all know about the new MAC Marilyn Monroe collection – how could you not? Now, I’m not usually one to run out and grab up limited edition items – I usually am just not that into them. But this? This I could not pass up. I was raised on old Hollywood. I knew all the words to Breakfast at Tiffany’s before I knew the words to The Little Mermaid. I still prefer Casablanca to any other movie out there. I can’t help it. So, when I heard that MAC was creating a collection based on Marilyn, I was over the moon. You seriously could only make me happier with and Audrey Hepburn collection (can we start a petition to get that happening?).

So I mooned over the collection online, picked out exactly what I wanted, showed up at my local MAC counter five minutes after they opened, and got the two items I had picked out plus another two more (oops). Lucky I arrived so early too, because my local counter had only received a very limited amount of the collection (like 2 or 3 of each item). So I thought I’d post about each item, starting with the ones I intended to buy.

When perusing the collection online, I saw this lipstick and I knew I absolutely had to get it. Not just because it is the perfect true red, but because of a wedding I’m in this fall. My beautiful cousin is getting married and her colors are red an black. Us bridesmaids are all wearing long black gowns and carrying bouquets of bright red flowers. Now I know most bridesmaids don’t plan their makeup to the nth degree, but I’m a little beauty-obsessed so I do. When I saw this lipstick shade (with possibly the best name of all the shades in the collection), I knew it would be perfect and it did not disappoint. It is absolutely a true red with a long lasting matte finish. I tested it out as soon as I got home (and had finished photographing it) and it stayed on my lips for at least 3 hours, which is going to be great for the wedding!

Overall, I think this shade is beautiful and if you can get your hands on it, you should grab it up! Plus, it has the most beautiful packaging that just make it all extra special.

How do you like the new Marilyn collection? Have you purchased anything from it?


2 Responses to “MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection Lipstick: Charmed I’m Sure”

  1. masucree October 6, 2012 at 12:38 am #

    aw man this lipstick is even better than I thought, now I neeeed it.

    • BohoGlow October 6, 2012 at 8:39 am #

      It is absolutely beautiful! xx

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