MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection Eyeshadow: Preferred Blonde

15 Oct

Ok I know that my blog has recently been overtaken by MAC products, but I’m trying to get these posts up before the Marilyn Monroe collection is gone in case any of you were considering buying some of the products. With that said, lets move on to the second to last product I picked up from this collection – an eyeshadow. Now this purchase was not planned, but after swatching it at the counter I could not pass it up. This eyeshadow is described as a pale champagne beige on the MAC website and has a veluxe pearl finish. It, to me, is a perfect highlighting eyeshadow for my skin tone. It’s pale, but not too white, and it is very reflective. I’ve been using this shade in the inner corner of my eye or as an all over color on lazy days, and I have been absolutely loving it. It’s not a shade that I think would be hard to duplicate, but I loved the shade and the packaging so I went ahead and picked it up from this collection. I think it would be a great choice if you are looking for a new shimmery champagne shade for fall and winter.

Have you gotten anything from the Marilyn Monroe collection? What’s your favorite highlighting eyeshadow?


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